In the match between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Lakers on the morning of July 31st , LeBron James showed his superstar level at the most important moment.

The moment when LeBron James “described a sudden conflict” between 5 Clippers players caused fever online. With 15 seconds left, James entered the backboard and failed to finish with his first swing. After that, the NBA superstar quickly rebounds (catches the ball to turn on the board) and rushes to score 2 points to determine the match. James’s excellent score helped the Lakers win 103-101.

The Clippers – Lakers showdown is one of two matches on July 31, marking the return of the NBA. Due to the effects of the epidemic, the most attractive basketball tournament on the planet has been postponed since mid-March. In order for the NBA competitions to take place in safe conditions, the organizers have arranged the competition at the gathering location.

The stadium does not allow spectators to enter the field. NBA organizers used visual effects to create the feeling that fans were directly on the field watching. Without the plague, the NBA has completed the play-offs and found a champion. The basketball superstars in the NBA have never experienced such volatile seasons.

The match between the Clippers and the Lakers is remarkable, because these are the two strongest teams in the NBA currently. On the Lakers side, they own James, the most famous basketball star in the world. With the Clippers, they have the service of Kawhi Leonard, the only star qualified enough to be a counterweight to James.

James was not playing too well against the Clippers. Successful throw performance of “King James” reached 31.6%. However, the decisive scoring phase helped James be hailed as a hero. On the Clippers side, Leonard played quite well with 28 points, 3 rebounds and 4 assists, but that was not enough.

Anthony Davis (No. 3) is the star of the match. Davis’s successful throw performance was at 42.1%.

The Lakers maintained the top position in the Western ranking with a record of 50 wins and 14 losses. next series. On August 2, the Clippers face the New Orleans Pelicans, while the Lakers face defending champions Toronto Raptors.