Winter Bowls

Winter Bowls
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About Winter Bowls

About Winter Bowls

Winter bowls has now been a feature of the Burton and District calendar for many years.  It has been run with some success over the years at many clubs including: – Repton, Pirelli, Barton, Belvedere Park and also indoors at Church Gresley IBC.  There is also a short mat game played at various venues in the area.

The three main venues at the moment are: –

Repton: A private club which attracts bowlers from the local area is used exclusively for winter bowls boasting one green and playing on various days and nights throughout the winter.  No contact information available at the moment.

Belverdere Park: A large league club in the Burton and District area boasting three greens that are used all year round.  Normally two of the three greens are used in winter and attract crown bowlers from a wide area extending between North Derbyshire and Nuneaton and Coventry areas.  An individual league program is run during the winter period on Sundays with bowlers competing for points that gain them entry into an end of season competition with prize money of several hundred pounds.  A good starter for the summer league if you win it!


Church Gresley IBC: A successful crown league is run at this indoor venue on Sunday nights throughout the winter period.  This is a competitive league comprising teams of at least six players playing one doubles and four singles under crown green rules.  It also hosts some very successful one day mixed doubles competitions sponsored by Wolverhampton and Dudley brewery.

League Contact: Jason Nettle,

Competition Contact: Mrs Emma Gascoigne
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