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About Burton Referees

The Burton and District Referees Society was formed in April 1990, from a discussion on 29 March 1990 between Ken Heath the assessor for this area, John Mills a referee and Barry Cotterill the secretary/treasurer for British Crown Green Referees Society who thought that this area required a Referees Society.

Since that time the Society has held an A.G.M every year, we have held two seminars followed by exams and gained more referees for our area. We now have a substantial amount of referees assessed at ‘A’ Grade in Burton & District, but would welcome anyone who is interested in gaining this referee qualification, and will give all the help we can to any interested parties.

The Society provides referees where and when required for County Matches and competition finals, in the Burton Area, through contact with Jean Eccleshall who is the secretary/treasurer. We are very proud of our referees, with their support and generosity in giving their time to go to venues to referee a game, whatever the weather and with no monetary payment. Some referees pay an affiliation fee to the British Crown Green Referees Society and are willing to travel to different venues in the country, if requested to do so, with any expenses for this being paid by the British Crown Green Referees Society.

The Burton Society try each year to run a ‘Generation Game Bowling Competition’ which consists of a combination of any family generation, since 1990 with the exception of two years, and has proved very successful. The previous winners in 2003 were father and daughter Graham Jones and Anita Mansfield.

Members of the Society who have held the office of Chairman in the past are:- Margaret Hoare, Brian Isham, Brian Turner, Muriel Taylor, Wally Redfern and Barbara Lowe.

Members holding the office of Vice Chairman have been:-

Roy Taylor, John Mills, Margaret Hoare and Barbara Lowe.

The first Secretary/Treasurer was John Mills who held the post for two years and the Jean Eccleshall has held this post for 13 years, supported by her husband Alan who has also worked hard for the good of the Society in that time.


	Chairlady:		Barbara Lowe

	Vice Chairlady:		Margaret Owen
	Secretary/Treasurer:	Jean Eccleshall


	Mrs Jean Eccleshall	01283 563752

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